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“Photon Photo Paper” – is a subsidiary of an Australian company incorporated in the state of victoria. It is engaged in importing and merchanting of high quality resin coated inkjet Photo paper and other papers for Photo and graphic printing. The Photon photo paper has wide Colour gamut (RC inkjet paper) ideally suited for high-end photographic quality inkjet printing .The products are readily available in Australia, Newzealand and other overseas market.

We offer paper in Gloss, Matt and in Satin finish in both reel and in sheets in PHOTON brand for inkjet Photo printing, photo book as well as for proofing applications together with other grades of paper suitable for inkjet printing machines.

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Inkjet photo Media

Photon Photo Paper is a premium inkjet resin coated photo paper available in various finishes; Gloss, Matt and Satin in both in reel as well as in Sheets mainly in A4, A3, A2, 4R, 5R and 8R to fine photo printing on inkjet printers. Suitable for both aqueous pigment based inks and Dye based inks.

Inkjet Proofing paper

Photon proofing paper is a resin coated fine inkjet paper that aims to simulate commercial printing process on inkjet printers at pre-press stage. It is a must for commercial printers to obtain hard proofs for obtaining customer approval. Inkjet proofing paper available in reel in Gloss, Matt and in Satin finish. Suitable for both aqueous pigment based inks and Dye based inks.

Inkjet Cast Coated paper

Photon cast coated inkjet paper is a fine inkjet photo printing paper available in reel in various finish such as gloss, matt and Satin. This paper is mostly suited for dye based inks and can also be consumed for posters, wall hangings and mounted photos.

Inkjet canvas

Photon premium Art canvas is a fine woven fabric made from various raw materials such as hemp, flax,(Linen) pure cotton, polyester or polyester cotton blend and can be can be made available in Gloss, Matt finish etc It is suitable for inkjet printing both with pigment and dye based inks as well as Eco solvent printing. Some of them can be waterproof.

Drafting and Tracing paper

Photon drafting and tracing range includes vegetable parchment paper (Also known as butter paper), digital inkjet paper (uncoated), glassine paper and fine translucent tracing paper.

Drawing paper or cartridge paper

Drawing paper or cartridge paper is a wood free paper in 100-120gsm available in sheets for drawing and sketching. Available in sheets of 595mm x 840 mm.


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