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About Us

PHOTON photo paper is a wholly owned, operated and incorporated in Victoria Australia and is a subsidiary of ON PAPER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD having A.C N No: 127 649 398 under “PHOTON” brand.

We offer high quality resin coated inkjet photographic, cast coated photo paper, Inkjet proofing paper and canvas having wide Colour gamut in Australia, New Zealand and also in overseas market.

Apart from inkjet photographic paper for both pigment and dye based ink printers, we can also offer Colour management advice, techniques and profiles of our paper upon request.

We stock HIGH QUALITY INKJET PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER in Victoria at present Australia but can supply to all over Australia, New Zealand and overseas market. The Photon photo paper has wide Colour gamut for photographic quality print with accurate Colour reproduction on inkjet printers. We are currently based in Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

Brand Ideology

Photon is the smallest discrete amount of energy. It is the basic unit of ALL light. In other words “Light is flow of photons” in waves.

In scientific term it is the smallest discrete amount or quantum of electromagnetic radiation (energy) always in motion and travels what we know at “ speed of light”

A single beam of sun ray may contain billions of photons both in visible (What a naked human eye can see) and invisible spectrum (what a naked human eye can not see such as X-ray, UV ray etc ) The intensity of light corresponds to number of photons in a beam of light.

Each wavelength in the visible spectrum represents a unique Colour, which is measured in nanometer (nM).

Since light is stream of photons and light having distinct wavelength corresponds to unique measurable Colour and we are in the business of Colour reproduction on Paper and Canvas, the brand name PHOTON was a natural choice.

Since our paper, in conjunction with Colour management, aims to match those colors as captured by a camera lens to provide near perfect print. .. and yes black and white are Colour too!!

Photon has a dual nature; Particle as well as wave as proved by Noble laureate prof. Albert Einstein. Photons have high energy and are on constant move and so are we as a young company. Moving and aiming towards customer satisfaction through our product quality and service delivery. That is our AIM.

Our Mission and Vision

We belong to SME business, yet are committed to “ Kaizen”; the philosophy and practice of continuous improvement or “ change for better” in carrying out our pledge to fulfill customer satisfaction.

Core of our business philosophy is to be totally customer centric (Not mere customer focused) and adopt best practices to achieve customer satisfaction.

We aim to understand customer’s specific requirement irrespective of volume or value and offer right product for specific applications rather than nurturing “one size fits all” approach.

We wish to offer a complete package to our customers. Along with consistent quality, competitive price we wish to offer excellent service delivery in an open and transparent fashion with little left to imagination.

We wish to engage and then build a strategic partnership with our customers. In the process we wish to foster a life long relationship with our customers so that we become a happy family in the long run.