Your privacy and confidence in using our site is very important to us. Any personal information that you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) : click Here As a result, we have implemented practices, procedures and systems to comply with our legal obligations to maintain the confidentiality and security of personal information we collect and hold and to manage our systems, practices and procedures and open and transparent way.

1. Use of personal information

We only collect information about you that we need to process your application, to offer new products and services, and to satisfy legal requirements. By "personal information", we mean information or an opinion provided by a person which identifies that individual or about an individual or group of individuals or an organisation which is reasonably identifiable from the collected information. We may also use this information for purposes such as direct marketing, correspondence, site registration, or to participate in online surveys etc.
We can assure you that your personal information if collected directly from you will remain confidential and business is compliant with Australian law. If we request email address, we shall not spam or sell or rent a visitor’s email address or use it in any other purpose other than declared possible use such as direct marketing or correspondence or site registration or online surveys etc.

2. What kind of information do we collect?

The type of information we collect generally includes your name, address, telephone numbers, email id and other contact details.

3. How we collect information

We collect personal information directly from you, such as when you transact with us, make an enquiry or subscribe through our web site.

4. Access to personal information

Should you request it, we will provide you with access to any information we have collected from you. We will also update your information if you let us know that it is inaccurate or non-current. You can contact us to access or discuss this information by sending an email - Contact Us

5. Complaints

Should you have any complaints about our treatment of your personal information, please direct this by email - Contact Us

6. Opting out

On occasions, Photon Photo Paper (hereafter “ The Company”) uses an individual’s personal information for it’s own direct marketing purposes. Should you receive such material and do not want to receive it in the future, we will provide you with a simple “Unsubscribe” method in the direct marketing material. You may also contact The Company on 0422942350 or

7. Disclosure of personal information to other parties

Subject to a limited exception, we do not disclose personal information to overseas parties. The limited exception is when you buy some products from The company, we may need to register the warranty with an overseas supplier. In such circumstances, your personal information will be transferred to a country that is subject to a comparable privacy scheme or to an organisation that implements comparable privacy obligations to those that apply in Australia.

8. Cookie policy

Cookies are small often-encrypted text files, located in browser directories. These are used to help users navigate websites efficiently and perform certain functions .Due to their core role of enhancing /enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users rom using certain websites. Website servers set cookies to help authenticate the user if the user logs in to a secure area of the website. Login information is stored in a cookie so that the user can enter and leave the website without having to re-enter the same authentication information over and over. Session cookies are used by server to store information about the page activities of user so that user can easily pick up where they left off on the server’s pages on return .
By default web pages really don't have any 'memory'. Cookies tell the server which pages to show the user so the user doesn't have to remember or start navigating the site all over again. Cookies act as a sort of “bookmark” within the site. Similarly, cookies can store ordering information needed to make shopping carts work instead of forcing the user to remember all the items the user put in the shopping cart.
Persistent or tracking cookies are also employed to store user preferences. Many websites allow the user to customize how information is presented through site layouts or themes. These changes make the site easier to navigate and/or lets user leave a part of the user's “personality” at the site.
They are unique to your account or your browser. Session-based cookies last only while your browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Persistent cookies last until you or your browser delete them or until they expire. Many browsers default to accepting cookies. You may be able to change this setting in your browser and you can also clear your cookies. If you do, you may lose some functionality of our site. Check your browser’s help function to learn more about your cookie setting options.
To find out more about cookies, or

Like many websites, we and our third-party service providers, such as advertising and analytics providers, use cookies, web beacons and other data technologies to receive and store certain types of information when you interact with us through your computer or mobile device. Using these technologies helps us recognize you, customize your experience and make relevant marketing messages. Here are some of the types of information we collect and the types of Cookies we use to do it:

Opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean you will no longer see advertising online, but it does mean that the companies from which you opt out will no longer show ads that have been tailored to your interests.
We may also use third-party Service Providers to show advertisements, which may include targeted advertisements on a third-party site after you have visited our website. We and the third-party service providers use cookies to inform, optimize, measure performance serve ads based on your previous visits to our site. Any tracking that a third party performs is subject to their own privacy notice. Our third-party service providers may provide us information that tells us how our marketing ads, often placed on third party sites, performed and who clicked on them. This information does not identify any specific individual and is generally non-identifying. If we were to associate it with you, we would treat it as personal data.

Don't Want Cookies?

Most web browsers let you choose whether to accept cookies. Most also let you delete cookies already set. The choices available, and the mechanism used, will vary from browser to browser. Such browser settings are typically found in the “options”, “tools” or “preferences” menu. You may also consult the browser’s “help” menu. For example:

There are online tools available for clearing all cookies left behind by the websites you have visited, such as Usually, deletion of cookies will anonymize the information associated with the pixel and a website will not receive any further associated information.
Many browsers default to accepting cookies. You may be able to change this setting in your browser and you can also clear your cookies. If you do, you may lose some functionality of our site. Check your browser’s help function to learn more about your cookie setting options.

If you have any questions about cookies you can go to or to generally find out more about cookies, visit this site.
You can opt out of interest-based targeting provided by participating ad servers through the Digital Advertising Alliance (, the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada in Canada or the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance in Europe In addition, on your iPhone, iPad or Android, you can change your device settings to control whether you see online interest-based ads. You can also opt out of the Digital Advertising Alliance using your mobile device settings.
If you limit the ability of websites and applications to set cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience and/or lose the ability to access the services, since it will no longer be personalized to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings, like login information.

Google Advertising cookies

Google uses cookies to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner's website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user's browser.

Our privacy policy includes::

If you have not opted out of third-party ad serving, the cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve ads on your site.

For online payments transactions are conducted through pay-pal.

For details you may read privacy policy of PayPal as below:

9. Web disclaimer:

The goods and service provided by us on our website are for specified intended purpose only ie digital printing) and based on stipulated terms and conditions mentioned therein.

All information provided on our website, social media, blogs etc are of general purpose only and visitors are advised to seek expert professional help if unsure about product, services or information.

On website, social media or blogs where others can also leave comments, we are not responsible for someone else’s words, advice or analytics.
All information on this website has been published in good faith and is general in nature. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, originality, reliability and accuracy of the information provided/compiled.
From our website visitors can also visit other websites by following hyperlinks provided on our website. While we strive to provide only links to useful, relevant and ethical websites, we wish to advise visitors that we have no control over the content and nature of these sites and link to other websites do not imply a recommendation for any content found on these websites.
Please also be advised that when a visitor leaves our website and enters another website which may have different privacy policies and terms and conditions than that of ours and are therefore beyond our control hence we do not take any responsibility.
On our blog if any visitor makes any comment or provides feedback, such a comment/feedback is purely owned by the person making the comment/feedback and we disclaim ourselves from any responsibility in any manner.
Also Ad serving network/s may track visitors using cookies which are beyond our control and disclaimer to this effect ahs already been made in our cookie policy.

Notice to Risk

Policy related to online payment

On line payment transactions through Credit card/debit card or by PayPal on our web site are transmitted over secured (https) connections and our payment processing providers comply with International PCI (payment Card Industry) standards for data security.

We do not store any credit/debit card details on our server or shopping cart once the present transaction is completed nor do we keep any other details such as your address, phone numbers etc

For details you may read privacy policy of PayPal as below: