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We endeavor to support all our patrons, prospects, students of photography and even photo enthusiasts about photo or any other kinds of Paper, Colour and Colour management related advice as well as about devices for measurement etc .

On request we also can offer to assist in custom Colour management (Calibrations, characterization and conversion of Colour) to achieve desirable output with Colour consistency across devices.

Colour Management

Colour management in a simple language, creates a language that different devices can read and follow across RGB and CMYK Colour spaces commonly called PROFILES or CHARACTERIZATION of devices by converting RGB or CMYK values in L,a,b values .

Colour management works by converting RGB or CMYK values into L,a,b values as ICC protocol .

We can offer profiles as well as introduce Colour management specialists who can develop custom profiles and manage Colour so as to get the perfect Colour across devices and media.